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Millfield Lodge Care Home
Potton Road
SG19 3LW

Our Aims and Objectives

  • We will provide accommodation for persons requiring nursing or personal care, who by reason of old age, illness or disability are unable to provide it for themselves. In doing so, we aim to prevent illness or disease and to enable a lifestyle which  promotes choices, independence, health and wellbeing, both physical and emotional.
  • We will recognise that the care and support each person requires is dependant on their individual health and social care needs and that it has to be as meaningful, satisfying and valued as possible, at all times preserving our residents' dignity and independence.
  • We will help people using our services to live the life they wish to and access a variety of opportunities as citizens. To achieve this we will work in partnership with individuals, their families, friends, representatives, health and social care professionals, independent advocates and legal authorities.
  • We will achieve the best outcomes possible for the people's health, wellbeing, safety and welfare so that every person's experience is a positive one.
  • We will enable people to continue to make decisions for themselves wherever possible and to maintain their links with family and friends and to the wider community.